The Modern View of Marriage versus what the Bible Teaches

The present view on marriage lies in the fact that the marriage should be put off until you get college degree, reach certain age, build career, get great job, become mature enough, etc. Young people start thinking that there are a lot of things in this life that are far more important than marriage. They start believing that marriage commitment won’t survive the conditions that are less than perfect.

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The results of this materialistic philosophy can be followed on today’s couples. It is an unusual occurrence today when two virgins marry each other. The average age for getting married grows higher, but the rates of virginity among singles goes lower and lower.

Why this happens? God has give people the ability to enjoy each other physically besides having sexual act just for procreation as by animals. We all need intimacy and the more we postpone it, the wilder it grows. You cannot fight your nature. Marriage in its turn offers a safe environment full of understanding where your and your partner’s sexual needs can be fulfilled. Remember “it is better to marry than burn with passion”.

christian dating

The God didn’t create us to be loners. From the very beginning we were created to wish the union with the opposite sex. Take, for instance, Adam and Eve, who were created for each other.

Many of us want to get married, but for this they need to meet the right partner. Quite many are in this situation, because they had to postpone marriage because of their parents, friends and even church leaders. Sometimes, people find themselves trapped with work, home responsibilities and duties that they simply have no spare time to devote themselves to the search of a soul mate.

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If you don’t want to spend your life being single, then you need to discuss the age when you can get married with your church mentors and parents and start seeking a spouse. With time frame in your mind, Christians would stay away from sex-free life and know the moment when they will be blessed to marry.

This can sound too old-fashioned, but Christians would be able to stay sexually pure till the marriage and would look for a spouse purposefully.
However, looking for a soul mate, look for the one, who loves and prays God, who loves you and has similar goals for life and marriage with you. God has created us to be compatible more than with one person, so stay realistic and don’t look for a Hollywood star.

“Seek and you shall find” (Matthew 7:7).

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