Listcrawler Orlando: Why do so many people use this website here?

Listcrawler Orlando: Why is Listcrawler efficient in this city specifically?

Listcrawler is a niche hookup website designed to help users find escort or straight-up a sex worker for the evening. It’s a fairly popular platform, but somehow not equally popular in different parts of the United States (not to mention other countries). What’s more interesting is the fact that a handful of American cities that are popular amongst Listcrawler users fit a few specific requirements (based on observations).

Surprisingly enough, Orlando is one of the more popular American cities amongst the users of Listcrawler, despite being the fourth-biggest city of Florida, which isn’t much. Let’s explore how it came to be and if using Listcrawler in Orlando even worth it.

How does Listcrawler work?

The majority of those who clicked on this article likely already know what Listcrawler is, but it’s never amiss to try and explain it to those who don’t.

Listcrawler is very similar to the more popular and widely-known dating and hookup app, although it has a different goal. As mentioned, most of the time you don’t build relationships here, instead you buy people’s company for your own money. The process of achieving this is largely the same.Listcrawler work

There are several differences from an average dating app (all of them are incredibly unoriginal, so you can put your favorite one here):

  1. Listcrawler doesn’t show the matches from some radius around your current location. It can feature active users from all the highlighted areas. It’s probably done either to not limit the users in their options (because the majority of female users are actually working here), or because it only works in certain cities;
  2. You don’t pay for the access to people, but you do negotiate the payment with them individually. 99% percent of dating apps don’t allow you to talk to other users unless you sign up for a regular subscriptions;
  3. Unlike dating apps, Listcrawler is a place freelancers can extend services of intimate nature to other users. The difference is that people who do the same on the hookup apps aren’t professionals

A large portion of any hookup app is extending the same type of services, just not as straightforwardly and not necessarily for a solid sum of money.

Why is Orlando successful?

From observations, there are several factors that decide if the city’s even getting into the highlighted list. Keep in mind that it only applies to the United States, because that’s where the majority of the highlighted locations are. And that, in turn, implies that the majority of the users are American.

The first factor

First of all, the area must be fairly developed. The reasoning behind this is the split between the two demographics which mainly use dating apps like Tinder and the websites like Listcrawler respectively.

Whereas Tinder target younger and less well-off people, Listcrawler’s audience is older and has money. This much must be evident.

Orlando, for its part, is quite a rich city – one of the richest in the South-East of the country. Therefore, the city more or less fits this category.Listcrawler Orlando

The second factor

Secondly, the area in and around the city must be densely populated. And while it’s true that Orlando itself isn’t very secure on this, the Orlando agglomeration comes to the rescue. The city itself is the home to 270.000 people, whereas the agglomeration has 10 times this number. In this sense, Orlando is actually the biggest in Florida. So, it fits this category as well.

The reason why it’s even a category is simple. The users aren’t grouped by their proximity to you, but rather the cities. And it means that the denser cities are, the easier it is to provide personally meet someone. If the city is stretched too wide and scarcely populated, working there won’t make much sense.

The third factor

Thirdly, the openness matters. Some cities and even countries may not be as tolerant and open to free private lives. Orlando is not one of them. There’s very little public condemnation of someone’s individual private intimate life. The city is said to be the most LGBT-tolerant city in the South-East, for instance.

All in all, Orlando fits each criterion. It may be just a coincidence, but the correlations are there and they also fit other cities in the USA. You can use it to see if other cities where you travel all share these factors to determine how hard it’ll be to find escort there.

Why use Listcrawler

Listcrawler may be popular in this part of the country, but it doesn’t mean you must use it. It’s true, the website’s specialty is to give users intimate services, and it’s clearly implied, if not stated. Once you visit the catalogue of available ‘workers’, you can see that the majority of descriptions contain advertisement or sometimes even price-lists.

You can do without Listcrawler, simply by hooking up someone using a hookup app, or even just going outside and finding someone there. It would be a reasonable thing to do, because Listcrawler is not a perfect website. The location of Orlando brings some success to the website in Florida, but it’s immediately negated by Listcrawler’s own flaws.Listcrawler is a niche hookup

Is Listcrawler legit?

The website looks incredibly suspicious. It looks like a website that would scam you. Not only is it full of suspicious people, but it’s also filled with strange ads you’d see on porn websites. Are Listcrawler ads for real? They may very well lead to a scam-link, the only valid reason to find out is to click on it, but you shouldn’t do it.

In the past, a few similar websites were federally shut down because the owners allowed illegal or simply fake advertisement on their platforms. The most notable example would be Backpage. If before it would simply be advisable to keep your eyes peeled while lurking through such websites, now it’s an absolute requirement.

Is Listcrawler safe? The ads may be scams, and some users may be either bots or scammers. The cause of such blatant mistrust is simple – it doesn’t seem that anyone checks how people behave. While apps like Tinder set boundaries on different subjects, Listcrawler doesn’t have limits for their users, at least not on sexual themes.Is Listcrawler legit

Is Listcrawler shut down?

This is the question a lot of people ask regularly, because one day it may seem like police got to it, but it never happened yet. Listcrawler, however, is regularly non-responding due to unknown reasons, all the more reasons to think that Listcrawler is doing something shady.

Even if government doesn’t shut it down, you probably shouldn’t visit the website regularly. Not because you can be fined or dragged in some trial. See, the common users on Listcrawler are freelances.

It’s not to say you shouldn’t trust freelancers, just not these freelancers. They may be nothing shorter of professionals, but they also aren’t registered and you don’t know what you drag yourself into when you arrange a ‘date’.

In conclusion

Listcrawler may be a decent website to boot while in Orlando, seeing how it can find escort extremely fast. Be careful, however. On every benefit Listcrawler has, there is a major flaw. Keep using it if you want to, however. It’s by no means a call to abandon Listcrawlere, just a note to be vigilant on similar websites.

Well, that’s it for this article. If you want to know a little bit more about online dating, however, yet you don’t want to read anymore, try the video below, it’s not that long:


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