Free hookup dating with younger women: how to improve your chances?

A guide to picking up girls on a free hookup dating site

If you’ve been thinking of free hookup dating with younger women, there are no reasons why you shouldn’t do so. After all, there is nothing wrong in being attracted to someone young, beautiful, fresh and lively. A hookup site is one of the best places for picking up young girls either for a short fling or long term dating and relationship. However, if you’re a man over forty, you have to put some extra effort into your hookup strategy. Let’s talk about it in more detail.

Why do some girls prefer older men?

There are several reasons why some girls find older men more attractive than guys of their own age category. First of all, older men are more mature and they’ve seen life. Therefore, they have a couple of stories to tell, and there is no chance a girl will find it boring to spend an evening with an older man in a bar.

With a young man, there is always a chance he’ll start behaving like jerk by the end of the evening, when all the alcohol hits him hard. An older man is more controlled, he knows his limits, and he’s already learned how not to spoil a first impression on a date. Here are some other advantages an older man has to offer when hooking up with a younger girl:

Financial security

Even if it sounds too mercenary, young girls prefer financially secure men. It doesn’t mean they are going to take advantage of you hoping to separate you from your hard earned dollars. But they will definitely enjoy spending time with you in an up-scale night club, resort of beach. It’s not necessary that they will expect expensive gifts from you, but having fun and a good time is always appreciated.

And these sorts of things are usually better arranged with money. You don’t have to feel like a sugar daddy here. There is nothing derogatory in paying here and there for a young woman. On the contrary, she’ll respect you for the level of comfort you’ve achieved in life.

Experience in bed

It’s no secret that older men are better lovers. Instead of pursuing their selfish goals, they take time and trouble to please a woman. They’ve learned a great deal over the years, and it’s the experience that attracts younger women to try out things with an older hookuping

Personal charm

While younger guys are only mastering the skill of charming a woman, older man have already learned everything on the subject and succeeded to practical application. Young women confess that men over forty are exceedingly charming on a date.

They are strong and confident, decisive and assertive, and at the same time they know how to combine these qualities with being a perfect gentleman. Apart from that, they know their ways with words, and it’s no secret that women love with their ears. They also know their weak points which allows them to prevent potentially awkward situations.

They also know how to give a flattering compliment to a woman without sounding corny. A girl won’t have to tolerate cheesy pick up lines form an older man.

As you can see, there are plenty of things an older man has to offer to a young women in her early twenties, so if you’ve decided to find someone suitable on a free hookup dating site, do it by all means. You have all the chances of finding a lovely young woman for a great hookup and perhaps even something more.

Improve your chances of hooking up with young women on dating sites

There are several things you should pay attention n to when looking for younger women for a great hookup on dating sites. Let’s point out some of them:

You profile should be flawless

Instead of portraying yourself as an aging old pervert who can think of nothing but sex with young girls, make sure you set up a winning profile of a successful, confident and charming man who has lots to offer in terms of to hookup

Make sure you have a killer profile picture

You can’t overestimate the importance of good profile photo if you’re going to pick up young girls on a free hookup dating site. Once glance at your photo – and you’re either swiped right or immediately forgotten and replaced with someone else. Even if you’re a very simple guy who never takes too much trouble of this appearance, you’ll have to take some extra trouble when clicking a picture for your profile on a dating site.

First of all, make sure you have a stylish haircut and a good shave. Secondly, choose an elegant, clean and neat outfit. It shouldn’t be a tuxedo or anything you wouldn’t wear on any occasion. Just a simple elegant shirt (preferably light coloured), and a pair of slick trousers will do. Alternatively, you can go for a polo shirt and a pair of jeans, or a stylish t-shirt and camouflage pants.

Keep in mind that women always pay attention to details, and younger girls are no exception. For example, they will look at your shoes and make judgements about your personality. So yes, make sure to some clean and neat footwear. Tattered old sneakers won’t do. Accessories are all important, too, including your belt, glasses and so on.

Don’t unload pictures of yourself fifteen or even five years ago. These attempts will make you look rather pathetic. Most probably a girl will like to make a video call with you before meeting you face to face. Just imagine how you’ll feel if she blocks you after that video call. That’s why it’s better to stay honest about who you are and how you look to start with.

Write an interesting bio

Yes, it’s not enough to say you like the outdoors and travelling, and you’re fond of music and movies. All the young guys on a free hookup dating site write the same. So why a girl should choose you over them? Try to make your introduction sound really interesting and original.

Tell a story, crack a joke, give a couple of good examples, ask an intriguing or perhaps even challenging question. There should be something in your profile that would make you stand out of the crowd. When reading your profile, a girl should feel you have a lot to offer – charm, wit, sense of humour, common sense and adventurous spirit.

Contact several women to maximize your chances

There are plenty of girls on dating sites, and going through their profile would occupy your whole day. Yes, it’s very time consuming and rather addictive. But you don’t want to become an old creepy guy who spends his time staring at young girls’ pictures. You want to be a successful man who picks up girl for a real hookup and has a great time in a pleasant company.

That’s why it’s recommended to use a search tool in order to eliminate profiles you’re not interested in to start with. This way, your searches will be more efficient. You can specify a woman’s age group, location, education, height and weight, and so on. When you get your search results, go through the profiles and bookmark the ones you like best.

Contact up to twenty girls and see if any of them is going to reply. Don’t worry about contacting so many women at once. Some of them will never write back others will lose interest or find someone else. Only a few will remain, and it’s normal on a free hookup dating online apps

Write engaging and interesting messages

Your messages are no less important than you profile picture and bio. Young guys don’t bother writing meaning and clever messages, and this is what you should write use to your advantage. Most girls don’t care for one-liners, generic “Hi beauty” stuff, cheesy pick lines and so on. So make sure to write something sincere, clever and interesting.

If you can write a humorous message without sounding like a buffoon, do it by all means. Read her profile and let her know that you’ve read it in a smart, creative way. For example, if she said she has a pet, you can address that pet asking his permission to go for a stroll with his mommy. You should also reveal your willingness to get to know more about a person you’re interested in.

If you have a casual hookup in mind, don’t keep corresponding forever. Ask a girl out after a few days of exchanging messages with her. If she agrees, great. If she doesn’t, well, at least you know that you’re just wasting time here.

If you’re actually interested in dating and starting a meaningful relationship, perhaps you’d like to learn more about a girl before meeting her in person. Make sure to use different communication tools in order to diversify your online dating experience, so the girl would actually stay interested in you.

So we’ve listed a few tips on how to hookup with a younger woman on a dating site. Make use of them, and best of luck!


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