Cost: is an internet community that numbers more than one hundred forty two thousands of active members. The benefits of this internet community are mostly linked with the fact that joining the site is totally free, after placing a profile and feeling all the information about you, such as likes and dislikes, sex preferences and so on; the member may start browsing various profiles and start looking for the person that is matching his criteria’s. All of those options are completely free of charge. At the same time the has an affiliate program options that is paying each new member with 0.50 dollar, and thirty dollars per each paid member. The rate for the premium membership varies from 70 dollars till 150 dollars; it depends on the features that the member is planning to use. So don’t hesitate, join the and find a perfect match for yourself., 9.3 out of 10 based on 1 rating
  • For real Gay

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    I guess that people have no idea that there is a serious problem with matchmaking. I would give it a 1 of 5 because success relies on the matchmaking and when it’s broken, does that mean I pay for incompetence? Also there is no membership that would be affordable. Guess they don’t have free trial to hide their problems, not allowing people rate their service right from the start.