Cost: is a site that was created for people who are looking for love and their soul mates. People who became members of have joined this site for mainly three reasons, such as: Romance, Dating and Relationship. It is a must keeping in mind that this site was created as a one being completely free for people who wish to join it. At the beginning people who are in the age between 18 to 35 start their communication from becoming friends simply, which is later leading to a romantically relationship, which in the majority of cases turns into a family later.
There are more than two hundred of thousands of members of and a lot of them have already find their happiness via this site and they have shared their story of love on the forum of the site, so don’t hesitate becoming happy by becoming a part of Filipino, 9.1 out of 10 based on 2 ratings
  • Megrel

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    Katie and I met on almost two years ago, and today is the day when I am going to propose her. Our love story was very beautiful; she created her profile just for fun together with her friend Chandra (who is dating my best friend now by the way). When I first saw her picture, I thought I saw an angel, and I thought it is some scam as such a beauty and innocence just cannot exist in the world! No way! But she existed, the first time I heard her voice over the phone, I realized that’s It! I am trapped, and my life will never be the same again. So that is why many thanks to and lots of luck to everyone who is using it.
  • Misleading

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    It’s is a remarkable website with its own advantages and little disadvantages. Let’s skip the advantages and go strictly to the second one. The most unsatisfying thing for me is that even thought you date with a Filipino girl, website does not provide any help with meeting arrangements. As for performance - nothing bad have to say.