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    Hello my name is Gabriela, and I would like to tell my passionate story to everyone. I met Antonio on and everything worked out between us very fast. We chatted for a few days in a row, in the evening time via and in the day time during being at work via the text messages. I think I was getting like a few hundreds of messages per day, and I cannot even explain what an exciting feeling it is when you are writing a message and know that in a few seconds you will get a reply on it. I mean it is such a great feeling to know that there is someone special thinking of you right now in this moment just like you are thinking of him. After we met each other it was like in some fairy tales he took my hand into his hand and we crossed our fingers, and I was not able to realize which of the fingers were mine and which ones his. One week later I moved in to Toni’s house and a few weeks later he woke me up early in the morning and proposed me. I wish every lady to have same romantics in her life as I found due to