Cost: is probably the naughtiest community created for single people as far as for now! This place was created mainly for helping people having fun with each other. is the place there everybody came for the same reason- to have fun!
And this fun is maintained by all of the possible tools, such as: chat, video chat, accessing different people’s profiles and many, many others.
While setting your own profile on you are introducing as much information about yourself as it is needed for people to see what you are all about! And at the same time it is the places where you are able to find and make some new friends, some people even find soul mates in here! The best thing is that you are able to join for FREE by clicking the join for FREE button which is located on the site., 8.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings
  • Scam free

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    The online advertisement banners make it look like it is the only available dating agency on the web. True that new available dating tools are available at as well as new flirting options. Profiles – I guess it is not necessarily or it is to mention the scam protection because they work as they should.
  • Unfortunate

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    The so called fast dating is not that misleading like I thought it would be. People at are very friendly and crazy. Flirting is confidential, no third party allowed in your private talk. But there are and strange people, at least some are similar to this character. The server itself is not laggy – messages come and sent in matter of seconds. No information about upgrade improvements and the service has nothing to deliver or answer to my multiply questions.