is the internet community that encounters more than three millions and a half of users. This community offers a variety of features, such as: placing the personal biography page, reunion planner, photo album creator, messaging board, it allows having a list of friends and also is allows having a people finder search. The main thing is that this site is totally free. is very easy to use, like for example first of all comes the main page, where the person is introducing the full name and birth date. (more…)

Learn More is a meeting site for people who are matching the age criteria between 40 to 99 years old. Joining the site is totally free, and after becoming a member of it you will get an access to a search tool option there you will be able to enter the things that interest you in the future partner,, and this way it will be much easier to find the person that was created for you. The majority of people who are member of (more…)

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