is a brand new online matchmaking website where two single parents will be able to find each other and to start dating. Dating for a single parent is much more complicated than to a regular person, as there is always the fear that someone will not be able to deal or carry on with your child, or that someone will upset your child only because they consider this child to be a burden. But it becomes much easier while dating with a person who has a child of her or his own, this way those two people are perfectly understanding each other, and there is no fear of not being able to find a common language with a child. (more…)

Learn More is a website created for people who are being older than 40 years old in order to give the opportunity for a second chance to those mature people. Usually if you are below 40 years old, it is very difficult to find someone with whom you can share your life till the end. But from the other side life is too short in order to waist it without feeling happy, that is why it is a must to join (more…)

Learn More is a site that was created for single parents who are looking for their soul mate in all of the places in the world. Being a single parent is very difficult, but it is much easier if you find a person who is a single parent as well, this way you two began sharing all the good and bad times and understand each other best of all. On each day are being added thousands of new profiles of people who are eager to meet someone in order to stop being lonely. (more…)

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